aye class music at work

The Aye Class Music team are always hard at work, grinding to bring you the best music possible. Stay up to date with all of their current projects, never missing out on the ACM experience!

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Taking over 2019, The Rascals have released another video!

The Aye CM Rascals may still have recess, but they did not come to play! Releasing their second video, they aim to take over not only 2019, but the entire industry! From music to fashion, to television and film, The Rascals see no ceiling on what they can do. Watch as they change the face of today’s Hip Hop in their new video entitled, “Hoodies & Huaraches”. You can find the video on YouTube by clicking the link at the top.

Aye CM Rascals put out their first music video : “Ridiculous”

The Rascals have been hard at work, taking time out of their busy schedule as dedicated students, to create a video that is sure to go viral. Depicting the naturally ridiculous swag and confidence that these siblings bring, this video is sure to catch your attention and make waves in the industry amongst those considered to be the best. Check out the video on YouTube by clicking the YouTube logo at the top, or right here on the website in the media section!

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The best production team you haven’t heard of…yet.

JTraxx and OAS, you’ll want to remember their names. Representing the West Coast, these two producers have teamed up to help Aye Class Music become a power house! Whole heartedly putting their all into their work, they are able to create beats from scratch for any genre. Their passion for music comes alive once the beat plays, and proves not only just how talented they are, but how GREAT they are. If you are a skeptic, check them out for your self in our media section.